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Originally Posted by SouthStndJunkie View Post
Actually, he put on 24 pounds to weigh in at 232 at the combine.

I'm referring to his playing career at Tennessee, where he looked thin....doesn't mean he still can't play, but his thin frame always stood out to me. If he put on 24 pounds, that means he played at 6'6 and 208 pounds, which is pretty damn thin.

I could care less about the 24 pounds he put on for the combine if he's unable to maintain it.

That said, I still really like him as a prospect.

I understood your concept. I was just informing that he has bulked up, and it's supposably good weight. He's a very young guy with a big frame, I think this weight is likely here to stay, thus making the "thin" concern obsolete. That was my only intention with the response.

I agree with both, that he looked somewhat thin while at Tennessee, and that he's a good prospect.
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