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1) New England Patriots are the biggest losers

A source warned me before free agency that Wes Welker has felt disrespected for a few years in New England and "if team X offered him 100 bucks and the Patriots offered him 100 dollars, he would leave New England." I filed that away in the mental rolodex, but I never thought he would find a comparable offer to whatever the Pats gave him, nor did I think Welker could find a legendary quarterback equal to Tom Brady. Neither did the Patriots. They gambled and lost -- big time.

Losing Welker to Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos is akin to a kick to the groin. Replacing Welker with Danny Amendola is like swapping a Rolex for Casio watch.
It is a rare moment when you write the following: The New England Patriots totally botched this.

Our friend Tom Curran of Comcast SportsNet New England reported that a source close to Tom Brady was "beyond enraged" over the terms of Welker's deal. I would be livid if I was Brady, especially after signing a team-friendly extension.

I would also be livid that Welker has been replaced with the oft-injured Amendola. The former St. Louis Rams receiver was on my list of the riskiest free agents because he just can't stay healthy. Welker is a rock, missing a grand total of three games during his six-year tenure with the Pats. Welker is better and more reliable. Not to mention, he had a fantastic rapport with Brady.

This can't be overlooked. It will take time for that to develop between Brady and Amendola, assuming the latter can actually stay on the field. The Patriots foolishly gave Amendola a five-year, $31 million deal. Josh McDaniels had Amendola in St. Louis, and some around the league believe the offensive coordinator was a driving force here.

Anyone remember when McDaniels ran Denver into the ground?

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