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Originally Posted by Drunken.Broncoholic View Post
No one is this year. The fact that many FA pass rushers haven't even been signed and Avril took a modest amount shows there's more supply than demand. Are teams waiting for dumervil to be released and avoiding the current FAs available? Or is the position just devalued after the new CBA
Worth and what people are willing to pay go hand in hand, this is just how any market works. I can say I am worth 150k a year, but if no company is willing to pay me more than 80k a year...guess what I am worth? I don't even think it's a supply and demand situation to be honest. If Dumervil is as good as some think, then his demand would trump anything else right? Teams would have been beating our doors down for a trade. Instead, they are going to look for value...which is exactly what they will get if this doesn't get resolved by Saturday.

To your point though, the fact that the first couple pass rushers (and I know everyone hates comparing Kruger and Avril to the almighty please save it) off the board took less than everyone, including them, expected says it all. Could be just the needs this year, but teams aren't overpaying for something like this right now. Avril took a modest amount because he bet on himself, and he took the best he could get. Don't think for a second the Dumervil camp didn't pay attention to that one while Elway swirled his scotch on the rocks and snickered.

I am sure there are in fact teams waiting to see what happens with Dumervil, but they won't likely pay more than what the market has already dictated. It just isn't smart business.
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