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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by Mat'hir Uth Gan View Post
Med said it would be kind of a shocking selection. I think it is, but moreso because he has the same kind of RB in Vick Ballard. Seems a little redundant. I think for draft value its about right. I see Taylor in the 5th round range. Sure, he was highly productive in college, but his measureables make Alfred Morris look like Reggie Bush. He has some intangibles though, so we'll have to see how it all shakes out. Could turn out to be brilliant.
I disagree with Ballard being the same Kind of RB as Taylor and that is WHY I drafted him. I also think he will be a late second early third for value MUG.

Now, I get to tell you why! He is the most complete RB in this draft and the Only red Flag he has is his speed. However, he reads things like a QB and he knows how to adjust like one in Pass Protection, Route selection, and setting up his blocks. His intelligence will make him successful in the NFL, even if he never leads the league in 40+ yard runs. I compare it to a LB who runs 4.7 but plays like he runs 4.5 because he diagnoses the play, reads his keys, and does not take poor angles or false steps.

Taylor knows how to get extra yards after contact, can burst through the hole as it opens, and more importantly is not a one dimensional Back like Ballard. Ballard is a runner and ok receiver, and not good in Pass PRO. He does not read the field like Taylor does presnap, he reacts post snap. INDY also had a way below average OL last year and Ballard was under 4 yards a carry filling in. Good Story, not the player Taylor brings to the team at all, despite their physical similarities.

Now, Grigson has replaced 3/5ths of the OL, Pagano has brought in Pep Hamilton to run the Offense, which will not be as vertical as Arians, and they will pound the rock in 2 TE sets with a lot more success than last year. Having a back like Taylor, allows them to be multi-dimensional formation wise from that personnel grouping. The can play 2 TE ACE, 2 TE diamond, or pure spread. It will create Matchup issues on every down, and that is the NFL way right now. With Fleenor and Allen at TE, Wayne and Hilton on the outside, and Taylor at RB teams will not know the % of run to pass and have to allow the offense the matchup advantage. The only huge factor will be down and distance and that gives INDY the ability to dictate with Luck calling the plays at the LOS, just like Peyton

Also, He knows the offense Hamilton runs and the verbiage which makes his transition that much more simple than your average rookie. He also knows Luck and Fleenor and they do not need time to get on the same page, they did for 3 years already! Really happy to have this kid, but I do Hope DEN gets him in the real draft, or else INDY wont be the easy out they were in the playoffs next year!
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