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Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
You would have to ask 24champ. He is the man with the master plan. I am his consultant and will give him opinions on his guys or others when necessary. We still have a few more picks until we go. I was mainly hired on to make sure he spells the prospects names right. On his board he had Jawn Bawstick and Stafone Tyler for the two guys just taking. . .

These are players on my own board that I think are incredible value at this time. I didn't downgrade Taylor because he ran slow. He is as polished as any other back and is a Day 1 contributor. I don't know if Bostic will ever be a 3-down guy, but he can see playing time as a rookie no doubt. When I was with the Bengals, I had thought of drafting a back-up QB to Dalton at some point in time. Bray was one of the guys I was looking at very hard.

My issue with Taylor isn't so much he ran horrifically slow. It's that he's a terrible athlete all-around. His 3-cone and shuttle times were terrible. His broad and vertical were terrible. He's just a bad athlete, and most of those drills do translate to RB. He's a straight ahead, plodding, less athletic Shonn Greene with better hands.

Add to that the fact Stanford is a notoriously run-first program, they give their RB 30 carries a game. They are scheme designed as a power running team. Toby Gerhart went for 2000 yards in that scheme, and was a far superior prospect. He's been average when he's replaced Peterson in a similar pro scheme. I don't see anything remotely special about Taylor. We'll see where he's drafted, and we'll follow what he does in the NFL. I actually like Vick Ballard quite a bit more.

Bostic is easily one of the better LBs in this draft. He's good in space, athletic, and he has ball skills. No reason he's not a 3 down guy. He's the epitome of one. He's also tough, plays with excellent technique, and destroys people. He's a team leader, still chooses to play special teams, and has great character. He'll be rising up boards until the draft. Some scouts at his pro day, according to Rotoworld, have him rated ahead of Manti Te'o, which would put him in the late 1st, early 2nd round mix. I think he's more mid-late 2nd, but he's in that mix with Minter, Te'o, and Brown, though I have him behind that trio. And Ogletree as well, but not sure what his off the field issues will do to his stock yet.

Also, you guys are on the clock now, unless you've traded and it hasn't been updated.

And, I'll be happy to compare thoughts with you on the Bengals' remaining needs and selections. I have a general plan of attack with the last three selections. We can see if it matches up.
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