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Originally Posted by Mat'hir Uth Gan View Post
Were any of those on the Texans' short list? Or is your guy still there?
You would have to ask 24champ. He is the man with the master plan. I am his consultant and will give him opinions on his guys or others when necessary. We still have a few more picks until we go. I was mainly hired on to make sure he spells the prospects names right. On his board he had Jawn Bawstick and Stafone Tyler for the two guys just taking. . .

These are players on my own board that I think are incredible value at this time. I didn't downgrade Taylor because he ran slow. He is as polished as any other back and is a Day 1 contributor. I don't know if Bostic will ever be a 3-down guy, but he can see playing time as a rookie no doubt. When I was with the Bengals, I had thought of drafting a back-up QB to Dalton at some point in time. Bray was one of the guys I was looking at very hard.
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