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Wesley Woodyard

Originally Posted by ClamChowdah View Post
Yes they did he had just won a Super Bowl MVP, what would you know anyway about the Boston media 7 years ago?

Do you remember 7 year old articles from the Boston Herald?
I remember 7 years ago that the Globe and Herald were miffed... some pro-Branch some anti-Branch. As I recall, Branch was a hold out in 2006 into September and then was traded to Seattle... At that time, Brady hadn't restructured his own contract to keep Branch and Branch was under contract. Slightly different scenario. The reporters were not as irked as they currently are, though they did think it would be worse not to keep the super bowl MVP than to keep him.

Here, Welker wasn't a hold out, has been extremely healthy and is one of the reasons Brady restructured. This is the Pats essentially telling off their center-piece and thats what many Boston fans and sports media see. For us outsiders, it just appears to be the way that the Pats do business.

The biggest thing to note though, is that since the Branch trade, there hasn't been another Pats ring. I'm not claiming the Broncos were better... well we were the year Branch was traded, but probably not since. And Welker doesn't have a ring either... So don't get your tizzies in a panty.
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