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Default Manning's arm strength

I never saw this article and do not know if it was posted.

Was Peyton Manning's arm strength a problem?

By Gregg Rosenthal

The final wayward throw of Peyton Manning's first season with the Denver Broncos will live on in infamy, like Brett Favre's interception in the 2010 NFC Championship Game. It was so out of character of Manning to force a pass across his body. It was the act of a young player or a desperate player.

But that wasn't the throw that stuck out most in my mind after Denver's loss. I remembered a wobbly third-down pass to Brandon Stokley in overtime. At a huge moment in the game, Manning's arm didn't appear to have enough juice for a routine throw.

That throw, combined with an utter lack of vertical passing from Denver, created a lot of talk centered around whether Manning's arm strength was a problem in the bitter cold. Steve Wyche of relayed from one Ravens source that safety Ed Reed played in the deep center field the entire game. The Ravens were daring Manning to go deep, but he didn't test them.

Ravens cornerback Corey Graham, who picked off Manning twice, said Manning's patience to dink and dunk gave Baltimore confidence.

"Graham said that the Ravens' defensive backs became more brazen as the game went on, since they weren't being challenged deep," Wyche wrote. "As the possessions increased in importance, it seemed as if Denver was more intent on moving the chains than taking chances."

The Broncos scored one time on their final eight offensive possessions, not including the team's two possessions where John Fox called for Manning to take a knee instead of try to drive and set up for a field goal. I believe Fox coached not to lose. His timidity was a huge factor in the defeat. But perhaps he had concerns with Manning's ability to push the ball down the field?

With the help of Game Rewind, I went back to watch all of Manning's throws. There were some other concerning moments besides the throw to Stokley. Three examples:

Rest of article:
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