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Originally Posted by Lolad View Post
You have homer glasses on. Doom is a situational pass rusher. Or are you going to argue against that basic point? If you can't which I know you can't he needs to take a pay cut.
There was nothing last year that would imply we see Doom as a situational pass rusher. You do know that he was like the 3rd player with most snaps on defense? Do you?

Jason Hunter is out, if they really like Ayers they would have played him on running downs and used Doom as a pass rusher. But no, Dooem played most of the snaps on a defense that finished 3rd against the run. When was the last time we ranked top 5 against the run?

Only stupid people call Doom a situational pass rusher. Now, that Fox and JDR think they could find someone much less expensive and still make the scheme work? that's another thing.

But if Doom comes back, there wont we anything situational about his role.
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