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Pretty decent signing, but Welker was in the perfect system. I think he can be productive, but for how long?

Don't you think it's kind of interesting that Bill Belichik didn't really care if he left?

I think they got tired of his dropped passes. He's screwed them in 2 SB's both against the Giants when he failed to catch passes that hit his hands.

I think the more concerning problem for you guys is the secondary. Champ barely has anything left in the tank and the rest of your secondary doesn't scare anybody.

I think Elway will draft a S with your first pick. Probably try to get the Cyprien kid from Florida International.
He caught 118 balls last year, he is only 32 years-old, he runs 7 yard patterns and he signed a 2 year contract. I think it is safe to say he won't hit the wall in the next two years.
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