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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
I tend to try and make my teams easy to manage. So like you said 3 WR on Broncos makes me want to sit out unless i get a great deal on them. can elevate Manning now. How high do you rank him. Just below Rodgers/Brady? Or do the running guys Rg3 and newton still slip in above him? What about Brees for 2013 who would you rather have him or Manning.
Remember last season when Thomas wasn't getting it going, the switch would happen and you would see Decker shine and become Manning's target and Thomas fall. Throw Welker in there can you predict who will consistently put up #'s week in, week out? I'd say no or at least I wouldn't want to "go" that way with my WR's.

RG3 is dynamic because of the rushes and rushing TD's. I'm a little skeptical though because of his injury so it's too early right now. Have to wait on him.

Manning was essentially penny's on the dollar last season as i'm sure you've seen him fall in rounds and could be had late. Not going to happen this year. He will go very high. Not sure on the ranking yet but he's top 4 with rodgers, brees, brady. Right now i have brady slipping and brees above. I'm not a huge Newton fan because he lacks consistency. The Panthers switched during the season to the spread and Newton's numbers started exploding again. I just don't like that. What is their plan this year for him?

As I said it's early because we need to see more FA/draft and what surrounds these guys. And I can make a better gauge on who I want and who I don't want.

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