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Originally Posted by Taco John View Post
The Welker deal simply doesn't happen if Peyton Manning wasn't a Bronco. When we all were talking last year about how Peyton Manning is a FA draw, this is exactly what we meant. The best slot receiver in the league is now paired with the best QB. Can't wait to see the magic!
I think having a GM who is so respected as a player helps also. Broncos feel like a family again and the dysfunction is over. I also can't wait to see the offense. Last year teams exploited our problems at guard and center when we suffered injuries there. Hopefully this year we have that problem solved. I don't think WR was a weak spot but now it's insane. It's insane! The 3 Amigos ride again!

Who knows who it will be each week that gets the 100 yrds recieving but i don't see how people stop the Broncos offense. DT already a nightmare to cover. Decker not a total physical stud but has good hands and chemistry with manning. Now we have the best slot/underneath WR in football. If it's 3-5 how do you cover them all?
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