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Originally Posted by ZONA View Post
I don't think they'll go DE. They have Doom, Wolf, Hunter, Ayers and Jackson. I think they could get sneaky and take a LT. You don't know if Clady will be 100% and you don't know how the contract talks will go.

I do hope though by the time the draft comes around that this board is updated and faster. Trying to get in here today was insane. Draft day will be twice the hits.
i think there will be some serious DE talent that falls to us at #28, some guys will rise, some will fall and we're sitting pretty good to snatch one up.
i'm not a fan of Wolfe at DE, i think he should be a DT who stretches out to DE at times. but if Wolfe is to remain at DE and slide inside to DT on nickel downs then i definitely want a DT pick. even with Knighton signed and Vick back we still need improvement at DT.

but Lacy would be my main choice as of now for the pick. he's big, powerful and fast which is what we need at RB right now. i love Bernard the most but he's kinda similar to what we have now(albeit bigger than Hillman and faster than everyone else on the roster)
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