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Pat Bowlen

Originally Posted by TheElusiveKyleOrton View Post
This was my favorite:

"These pricks seem to be matching us tit for tat in the moves department."

Yeah. Because the entire league is rushing to catch up with the Chiefs' moves.
They really believe they are a 14 win team that was held back by a bad QB and coach.

They won two games by a total point differential of -214, their worst in their entire history. For perspective, the 0-16 Lions were -249.

Andy Reid is an upgrade as is Alex Smith, but they're all telling each other that the division will "go down to the wire between the Broncos and the Chiefs."

I've found that aside from every team fanbase overestimating themselves every preseason, fans of particularly horrid franchises - which the Chiefs have become - tend overestimate worse than others. I mean let's assume Alex Smith really plays well, Charles helps him out, the defense doesn't fall off much and the special teams gets their act together. I can see them winning some home games and grinding out some other wins. But their ceiling is 8 wins. You go over there, though, and they were so angry at Cassel, Pioli and Crennel that they really believed simply removing them makes them SB contenders.

It does not.
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