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Jordan Taylor

Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
DRC got flagged a lot last year and had some bad games. That team didn't generate much pressure at all. Not many corners signed, this is like Porter last year. If he performs, he will get extended. If he doesn't no big deal. Glad to see Denver didn't go 3-4 years with him and end up guaranteeing something that wasn't there.

I'm watching Stewart Bradley's press conference and he is impressing me. Very well-spoken, humble and thankful to be on a winning team. Who knows what he brings to the table, but he sounds hungry and eager. Says the staff at Dove Valley has a confidence about them that is encouraging and awesome to see as a player.

Knighton's presser is good too. You guys should watch 'em.
I watched them both and thought the same thing. Sound like two quality guys. Although, Bradley seems to be a cross between Jake Plummer and some intellectual designer type.
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