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Originally Posted by Rohirrim View Post
Let's put is this way, if this Iranian really did have something like this going, the Mossad would have whacked him by now. Logic, brothers. Use it.
Now I know you did not bother to even watch a video, no you decided you "know" this technology is not possible without investigation. I'm not saying it is true but I am willing to at least look at the information and from that effort I learned enough that I will be looking for a demonstration which is promised to be coming soon. Even if it is a hoax the way he plans to give it to the world is a hell of an idea. Should be a film.

Apparently many people know how to do this simple construct that is why he is still alive. He also has it set up to be released world wide free to all human kind via the internet if he comes up missing. After watching the video and several others I have my doubts but will take the "so me" attitude.
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