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The most successful teams in the draft year after year stick to the BPA left on their board and do not look at position so much which tends to make teams reach and make poor decisions. The Broncos have more than one position where they could use a young talent, so focusing on one position or 2 would be a mistake. There's also a chance someone they like but figure will be gone by their pick could drop too. Seeing how so many good RB's there are out there who were not 1st rounders makes me believe it is a mistake to draft one unless that RB is deemed an all-world type back or something who can dominate. Otherwise, draft one later in the draft.
The Broncos are trying to complete their roster so they can win a Super Bowl now. Drafting strictly based on BPA is likely to be counter-productive to that. That said they should definitely try to get the best value in the process of getting the guys they feel they need, so if they are targeting Lacy, for instance, they might be well-advised to trade down from the late 1st to the early or mid 2nd (wherever they are relatively confident he will fall).
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