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Originally Posted by Fedaykin View Post
The problem is hoarding by paranoid ****s, and more hording by non paranoid ****s who grab anything they can when it shows up because everyone else is hoarding.

Go to any ammo/gun store and ask the guy. What's happening? A shipment comes in of X, and within hours it's all gone because they get a rush of people buying anything and everything they can.

I've been trying to pick up some cheap rifle bullets for some reloads, and have been checking Midway every day. About once a week a batch of some brand shows up, is in stock for a few hours, and then gets cleaned out.
I'm sure there is some hoarding going on but my brother in law is a gun dealer. The government is in fact buying massive amounts up. He thinks it could be 10 months before big brother is done getting theirs first.
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