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Originally Posted by txtebow View Post
We (modern day Italians) conquered much of the modern EURO-world and included some of those "other people" under our cozy umbrella so that they could call themselves Roman....the centerpiece of the Roman Empire were in fact what we call Italian's today (even thought they didn't back then)....Look at a map you ******n moolie
Wow, some craziness here.

Italy has only existed as an actual nation since 1861 -- it's one of the youngest nations on earth.

Previously to that, they spent 1300 years as various bickering city states (Venice, Milan, Naples, Verona, Papal States, Tuscany, etc.) routinely getting invaded by the Spanish, French, Ottomans and Byzantines because they were too busy fighting each other to stave off the invasions.

Italy has never conquered "much of the modern EURO-world". The closest they came to anything resembling domination was being Nazi-Germany's errand boy.

By the way, I'm Italian by ancestry -- I just happen to actually know the history of my ancestral homeland.
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