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Originally Posted by KevinJames View Post
So what we know is

Dumervil won't be here come Friday IF he doesn't accept a 6 Million a year deal.

Denver doesn't sound like they will up the offer, even though I hope they do.

If he does accept the deal, do you think he could be unhappy with the Broncos and do you think he might demand a trade? Or does he just say cut me ill let the market decide my value.

Hes a better pass rusher than Avril better player overall too, honestly Avril is like a poor mans Dumervil and he got 7 a year. I think hes much better than Kruger and he got 8 Million a year.

I really don't get the low balling of Dumervil I don't get it at all. Hes willing to take a pay cut, but half of the man's salary? After coming off a hell of a season?
I honestly think they feel they can scheme out Doom, and would rather use his cap room to fill up other needs
Maybe they are really high on Ayers, maybe they like some of the guys in this rookie class
I wouldnt be surprised if they fill they can get acceptable production from a guy like Ayers and a pass rushing specialist for a fraction of Dooms cost in order to sign Welker, Pot Roast, etc...

I really hope they can work it out to keep Doom, but I dont think that will happen
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