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Originally Posted by KCStud View Post
Not bad. Fasano is a legit top 7 TE in the NFL as well.
Kinda like this avery guy.

Who is your ILB? Or your RB? Or anyone in your secondary?

There's a reason the Pats didn't want to keep Welker. He's become a clumsy handed goof.
hahahahahahahahahaha Fasano top 7... and pimping up Avery because he could catch perfectly thrown long balls from a Franchise QB. Even your previous TE Boss is better. Fassano top 7... hahahahahaha. He is a good blocker at best. Nothing more.

Guess Alex Smith is top 5 QB too right? The only reason he had a winning record the last few years was because he actually had a great team around him. Cassel 2.0. Lol

Aren't you tiered of this routine? Coming in every off season every year, trying to pimp up the latest signed player only to watch them choke in that arm pitt you call Arrowhead stadium?
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