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Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
The two year thing makes sense. These guys are playing to win a Super Bowl. The Broncos have aging pieces of their team on larger veterans contracts. We have key players (youth) who need to be locked up. This team has the special opportunity to compete for Super Bowls for the next several seasons. We are legit contenders.

I would have to believe that these contracts (as they are with the four we have signed) all fit within this years cap to operate with. I still hope we can free up more space. DRC would be a good signing and we should decide whether or not we pursue Jackson or go for a guy like Dansby -- which I doubt.

Whatever one we don't hit in FA, we will be drafting EARLY. My bet is that they like their options @ LB/RB and would rather invest a rookie contract in them and get high impact from them. John Fox has done this multiple times with RB and had a few good linebackers in Carolina.

Dream off-season if we even get ONE MORE quality player.

As for the draft, I think this very much allows the Broncos to just draft BPA at every spot. DT is not a "need" anymore, neither is interior oline, nor WR. I'm thinking the front office just takes the best player, that is, the highest rated player on their board, regardless of position with the idea they will be made into all pros.
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