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Originally Posted by baja View Post
You think current science is the Holy Grail of knowledge that is your privilege.

I think we have very limited understanding of of how the universe works.

Not long ago science proclaimed the atom as the smallest particle was the building block of life now the are spending billions in search of the God particle. Science calls 90% of the human DNA junk DNA. Do you believe that?

We have particles that appear and disappear in this dimension, what's up with that?
What's up with it is there are real people using real science to attempt to figure these things out. You and I both agree that there is much science has yet to discover. The difference is how we get there.

None of this stands up to scientific method and peer review and scrutiny. Let me guess, another international conspiracy? Or maybe this time (just this time), it's all a bunch of hooey.

You can believe whatever you want. Science isn't a matter of opinion.
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