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Originally Posted by Atwater His Ass View Post
Barcelona completly dismanteling AC Milan 4-0.....milan played like **** the entire match and couldn't even manage to defend AT ALL with reach in tackles and fouls all least if that is your game plan, just execute it. More so when you're an Italian club and that style is in your DNA...

Hilarious, because all they needed to do was play a little bit positive and try to get a single goal which would have changed everything for them. For them to come out in that negative style, they deserved what they got and I was happy to see Barcelona take it to them and be successful while doing it.

Losing 4-0 while playing defensive counter-attacking football is a humiliation....why not, even after halftime, come out and attack and fight for the win? An away goal means so much...but they just wanted to grind it out, keep Barca from scoring and go for the eventual penalties. ****'em.

First time in the history of champions league a play a team came back to win the tie after losing the first leg 2-0.
Amazing performance!
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