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I ask you all a question. What is one thing that you do repeatedly every year that is wasteful spending ?


cable television

excessive clothes shopping.

If your brave put a rough estimate by the amount.

If your really brave call out your spouse on theirs.

Doing a report, thanks in advance.

We spent $5,000 on alcohol last year. That doesn't count at a bar or at a show or on vacation... just at home.... that's probably wasteful, I won't drink swill Bourbon or bad wine.

We spent $12,000 on vacations, that is probably alot, but we did get away from 6 weeks last year.

Other than that my wife is the money thritfy chick I have ever met. We don;t have kids and live in a house that woulfd fit in many people's dining room, but we sapre no expense on fun!
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