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Originally Posted by 55CrushEm View Post
This. Would Welker make our offense better? Of course. But we already had the #2 scoring offense in the NFL without the guy. After giving up 38 to the Ratbirds, defense should clearly be a bigger priority.

I'd honestly be more excited if we got Dansby than Welker. We've been inept at MLB since Al Wilson's career was cut short. Imaging how much MORE effective Von and Woodyard would be if other teams also had to account for our MLB.

I also agree with the other poster that said this would hurt New England more than it would necessarily help us.
^ I feel pretty much the same. I don't hate the idea but defense and maybe RB to me are bigger needs. The hurting NE part is good since they may be our primary threat this coming season. But if they go sign Amendola or the like they don't really lose all that much. And they still have Gronk and Gonzalez.

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