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Originally Posted by Irish Stout View Post
I would, and most of the talking heads would, disagree. The QB class this year is poop in a plastic bag. Twilight at least spent one year under Manning. Most suspect that if he had come out this year he would be the first QB picked. That being said, I see your point... he saw little action last year... but still, he trained, he worked, he learned last year. He has to be a bit more mature this year than last year and that is worth something.

I think that a lot of NFL teams would take a decent college QB after he got to spend a year behind one of the all time best mental QBs. But then again, I might be wrong. But still, I might be right. Who will ever know?

Are you there God? Do you know?
Based on PMs previous pre-season games we will see a LOT of Oz this pre-season. Then we will know if he has developed or sat pat . Right now his trade value is less than what we spent, and the only ones that have any REAL idea of his value are the Denver coaches ( and SDs head coach, McCoy). Assuming the coaches think he has developed, and based on where we drafted him he probably is not going anywhere. It screws up "the plan" to
have him replace Manning when he retires , which is 2 years out ( probably).

If Denver drafts a QB higher than 4th this year then it might indicate that there is a potential problem with Oz.
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