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Mike Shanahan

Originally Posted by Bacchus View Post
Actually DJ was very good a covering TEs. I like how you just say DJ run around blocks while Dansby runs through them... Nice insight.

Dansby was not good enough for the Cardinals to resign and now the Dolphins cut him. His next team will be his third. He has not been to any pro bowls. He is what I said he is a good LBer. He isn't great.

DJ is a good LBer as well or he was at least in 2011 before his buffoonery got the best of him.

Sure Dansby is a better leader and he is the better player but it isn't a huge difference or at least it wasn't in 2011. I expect DJ to bounce back fine but you never know.

People are creaming all over their keybords for a 31 year-old LBer that was just cut and has never been to a Probowl.

I'll take Jennings over Dansby in the FA period, easily.
Well then, based upon your criteria (which you are kind enough to point out is based solely on probowls), DJ is just as good as London Fletcher in his prime, huh?
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