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Originally Posted by Tombstone RJ View Post
I think smart phone service is a huge scam. They lose money on the phones so they screw you on the service and lock you into a contract. "You have unlimited internet access, but only 400 text messages, all for $85.00 a month. However, if you want unlimited text messages it's now $150.00 a month." (just a made up example).


"You can have this smart phone at 'no cost' but you need to sign a 5 year contract and pay us $100.00 a month for phone and interwebz service." (another made up example).

I have a corp plan and the key is to buy unlock phones. You can always threaten to leave and they will offer freebies. For example, I received 6 months unlimited text messaging for free. If you are on contract they have you by the balls and offer no discounts.
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