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Originally Posted by SonOfLe-loLang View Post
And, let's face it, their success hinges on Tannehill's development.
Yep, very much so. I really, really don't understand the phins organization. They draft Tannehill in the first which I'm ok with, he's got lots of upside. But they already had Matt Moore on the team. Why not sit Tannehill for his rookie season, let him learn and develop and then start him this coming year? They were paying Matt Moore a lot of cash, and IMHO they probably would have won just as many games with Moore starting as with Tannehill.

Now they are throwing all this money at Ellerbe and Wheeler when their defense is already pretty good with Dansby as the MLB. Why?

They did bring in Wallace to help but is he gonna really help Tannehill?
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