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Originally Posted by BroncoMan4ever View Post
i have never said the guy sucks because that would be ridiculously stupid. my point is in 2008 he had less wear on his legs and wasn't beyond his prime. this guy averages over 300 touches a season. in comparison our own old past his prime back has almost 700 less touches over the same period of time. why the hell is it good business to sign a guy with more mileage on him than the current falling apart back we have?
1. He's only averaged 266 carries per season and has been under 300 total touches (carries + receptions) 5 of his 9 years (one of the other 4 was 2011 with 302).

2. He's missed two games over the last four years. He had a rough patch with injuries in '07 and '08 but when he missed 4 games each season, but since then he's been a workhorse.

3. Mileage is only one indicator of wear, it isn't a perfect 1:1 guarantee. McGahee is breaking down because he's not as durable as Steven Jackson, who hasn't broken down over the last four years of heavy work.

4. Nothing says the Broncos need to keep piling a 300 touch workload on Jackson for him to still be a value either. 200-230 carries with 25-35 receptions would be a nice workload that leaves some room for Hillman and another back to carve out niches and grow. Given our preference to pass the ball that will only further serve to lighten the load on him.

Vasquez is a good signing. Locking up Knighton will be great as well. After that the next best guy we could sign to improve the 2013 Denver Broncos is either Dansby or Jackson in a tight race.
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