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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by TonyR View Post
Good post, BI. I'm overreacting to Bradley because I'm in the Phila media market and saw both Bradley and Mays take turns failing at MLB for the Eagles. They couldn't get rid of either fast enough and the fans were happy to see them go. We've already seen Mays fail, I don't want to see the same with Bradley. But you're right, if just a depth signing on the cheap then perhaps nothing to get overly excited about. I'm just hoping for an upgrade at the position because I'm skeptical of Irving. He barely got any run at the position last year and now he's going to be the starter? Will have to trust they know what they're doing, but they certainly didn't with Mays.
Yep. I'm going to calm myself down over this as well. After all, JDR played linebacker in the NFL for eleven years and coached LBs for a couple of years in Baltimore. I'm guessing he knows something about the position.
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