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Orange Julius

Originally Posted by Drek View Post
Or a lot of people appreciate a back who consistently puts up 1K seasons with ****ty OLs and no pass threat to compliment him (and up until recently a defense that gave up so many points the offense had to go into pass heavy mode by early to mid-second half weekly).

Oh, and that same guy is a proven pass pro stud, who also has some great receiving seasons for an RB under his belt.

All around the exact solution Denver needs. He'd be a short term solution to be sure, but he'd still be a massive upgrade for 2-3 seasons.

Mendenhall is another team's Knowshon Moreno. First round RB who's had some worthwhile games but hasn't proven himself to be 1. healthy and 2. productive enough when healthy to sign past his rookie deal.

Only real differences are that Mendenhall is an a-hole and Moreno can catch, which makes him a better fit for the Manning offense.
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