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Originally Posted by broncosteven View Post
Nope, I read Titan's thread about the QB club Meeting with Cecil Lammy who said Oss has developed while here but he is our current BU (We do need someone to mop up during the blowouts) and they are building a team for him to take over like Rodgers did when they finally ran Farver out of town. If we traded him away for some desperate franchise who had recently been caught on a taped phone conversations I don't no what we could use to draft instead. Then we would have to draft yet another BU QB. Someone who would be as good as Oss or better... Lets be happy to have Qss in the backup role learning and getting TC/PS reps. The sooner we win a SB the sooner PM should be gone. and it will all be about Oss hype.
I agree with this post.... I think. Can I ask if you're drunk, though? Your grammar is usually spot-on.
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