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Originally Posted by bowtown View Post
Yeah, do you often just take wild guesses at future returns based on no actual real information before trading an asset? Because, as of right now, that's what you have on Brock. My guess is that with most of your deals you actually have some substantial data to build a model off of. Or do you just shoot from the hip and hope it works out in the end?
Your right. I use data and I am dedicated to the Baldrige Cirteria for Performance Excellence, which often starts with meeting with my cabinet, asking questions and aligning them with our goals. I'm just asking the question. Do we believe he is worth more in the future than now, or visa a versa? What are our goals? Does he aligne with them? In this case our goal is win now. Does he contribute to that? You tell me. I don't think he does. On the other hand, level five leadership states you must have long term success. My position probably puts that at risk, but $40m says win today.

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