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Originally Posted by txtebow View Post
It's pure hilarity reading the writings of you unemployed or under employed leftist sociopaths bent on marching to the beat of your politically correct drummer boy, the CIA operative (So I read on the Mane) President Obama....the money that is being invested in mutual funds, etc has ALREADY BEEN TAXED ONCE; WHEN IT WAS INITIALLY EARNED AND PUT INTO A FUND.You know why our middle class is dying?, because on average, Asian workers have higher IQ's and work for pennies on the dollar big greedy corporations know this and exploit our political process through the DC lobby;.....meanwhile in America, our "middle class", the sons and grandsons of those who used to work in the automotive plants and steel factories is morphing into this....
Our current culture is one of self destruction; embracing poverty(baby mama, teen mom, etc) and long shots (rappers, pro athletes) through the expression of people with these traits on TV etc......
Oh look, another idjit who doesn't understand how taxes work.
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