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Originally Posted by Rohirrim View Post
Since we are the probably the most obese country in the world and obesity is a major drag on our health care costs, doesn't it make sense to study it?
Yes it does you really think we don't know why people are obese. I know why i get fat its because I drink too much beer, eat too many pizzas, and don't work out enough. When I eat better and try to be more active it comes off.

We sort of know why people are fat do we really need to spend a ton of money studying it? Or would that money be better spent on athletics in schools, trainers to go in and show kids how to work out, more PE at school etc etc.

Now if they want to spend money on researching drugs that may help people not be obese I guess i can see that being worth it also.

So I guess i answered yes, but this study seems sort of stupid.
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