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Bradley Roby

RE: the original thread topic. I've already shared my thoughts in regard to Doom. Sucks that he's probably leaving, but given the circumstances it's understandable why he has to (for both parties).

Mendenhall- Do not want. He's coming off of an injury. He's shown to be somewhat immature and unprofessional and the past couple of years he seems to wear down at the end of games. Draft a power back in the 3rd round, or sign Stephen Jackson.

Knighton-No brainer. Get it done.

DRC- Solid 2/3 corner. Would be an upgrade as a nickel, and would challenge Harris for CB # 2. Obviously, not a Revis type game changer, but still would be a solid signing.

Freeney-If the price is right and the idea is to use him as a rotational player in obvious passing situations, I'm OK with it. I think he's pretty much done as an impact player, but he might be able to eek out 6-8 sacks in the right 4-3 scheme. Still think we'd draft a DE too, even with a Freeney signing.
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