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Malik Jackson


The thing about DJ is really simple. Kid has been a freakish athlete forever, so good he could play any and all LB positions in actually any front as well.

What the problem always was, he needed a real simple Job description and to stick with it. Kid was a jack of all trades, master of none. He could flow to the ball as a Will with the best of them, but he still did not make Derrick Brooks plays from there. So, he spent all his time in DEN being a utility infielder LB, because he never matured mentally enough to excel at any position. IF, he simply could anticipate and react faster to plays in front of him, he could have been London Fletcher good and a lock for the HOF.

However, he always struggled with the mental side of the game and taking the next step mentally. It is a testament to his physical abilities that he stayed for so long. Football is 90% mental at that level, everyone in the league has the physical credentials to play in the NFL. It's the guys who are football smart who are the great ones. Jerry Rice, Emmit Smith, Terrell Davis, Rod Smith, Heck even Peyton Manning and many others were not ELITE athletically. They were ELITE mentally and preparationally. Nobody outworked them and Very few understand the game the way they did and were able to exploit people mentally.

Good Luck DJ, I hope you get a chance with a simple system and get to play WILL for a few more years in Tampa 2 style defense. Someone could use a WILL of your talents and just let you loose
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