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Malik Jackson

This is really interesting, but you have to be there at the start to get the real values. Basically, if you get in late the values are more adjusted to the real place these guys might get picked. I did FF in a league like this a few years ago and came in 115th out 25,000 guys. The difference was I lost value having to pick my team up late, and I lost alot of value not getting there from the beginning. I selected the stocks really well week to week, but lost so much money up front I could not recover in a season.

Unfortunately, they quit that league. Otherwise, it was a lot more real and challenging than the standard draft and or keeper leagues. Qb's were properly valued compared to RB's and the elite QB's were worth more than Adrian Peterson and CJ2K at the time.

I really liked that game, and it kept things interesting all season long.
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