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Originally Posted by Drek View Post
If this is your opinion of how to debate your views I'll save my time and not rebut the simplistic arguments of a child.
I already laid out my views on the Dumervil situation ad nauseum over the past several days. I don't feel the need to rehash them time and time again, especially with a doom and gloom poster displaying logical fallacies and short-sightedness in his own arguments.

Let me recap:
  • Dumervil has been nothing but a class-act Bronco since joining the organization, it will be disheartening to see him go but I understand the reasoning for his release.
  • I believe that by using a different approach (likely rotation) with Ayers (whom JDR likes a lot), Jackson, a free agent or draft selection, that the Broncos can still produce at a high level with a consistent pass rush. In short: I do not see Dumervil as player that cannot be replaced. However, it is clear to all of us that you think otherwise.
  • Getting rid of Dumervil allows the team to be more competitive on rushing downs and improve an area on the team where he has shown some weakness.
  • Dumping Dumervil's contract allows the team to be more competitive in free agency, and will give them easier room to work with in 2014 where a lot of young, productive players will be seeing an extension or bigger payday. I've already mentioned the names and gave a link to how many current players on our roster will be FA next season. It is basically double what we have now.

There is more, but I don't think I need to bother. You have been on the wrong side of most any argument from a player development standpoint for the last several years and have banked your reputation supporting players who can't play a lick in the NFL. I'll leave you to that.
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