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Originally Posted by Drek View Post
I was responding to an equally disingenuous argument with one of my own, if you want better quality responses from me don't post **** like "without Peyton we were 8-8, now we're a Super Bowl contender". Ignoring that the previous QB got us to that 8-8 record despite the FO's best efforts to the contrary (trading Lloyd post-haste when they made the switch) and his predecessor's 1-4 start, or that being a Super Bowl contender now just requires you to make it into the divisional round when last year that apparently wasn't good enough.
I'm not just saying without Manning we were 8-8. I'm saying without him we would have been that (or worse) again. I'm not sure what part of going 13-3 and clearly being one of the top 5 teams in the league you don't understand, and how without Manning this wouldn't have remotely been possible. We just got beat on a fluke play and poor officiating by the Super Bowl champions.

Of course we all want to keep Doom. But the FO doesn't want to pay him $12 million this year and he understandably won't accept the pay cut they offered him. I think they'll figure out a way to survive the loss.
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