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Originally Posted by Drek View Post
In what way is that an evaluation of his worth?

Orlando Franklin is best at run blocking. We run a pass heavy offense. Should he not be given an extension in a few years because he's better at something we don't use as much and therefore arguably more valuable to a run focused team?

See how that works? Value is determined by how hard someone's skills that you use will be to replace, not how well you fully utilize their skill set. Doom as a weakside DE who can command a double team earns him a premium price tag.

How much is being a top 5 sacks/QB hurries team worth to you? If the downgrade of swapping Doom out for Freeney bumps us down to middle of the pack where Miller's number drop, Freeney under performs Doom, and we see a net decline of 8-10 sacks, how much is that worth to you? Hell, what is an 8-10 sack per year player worth to you? Is that difference greater than the cost savings of replacing Doom with Freeney? And that isn't even considering the fact that there is a roster limit in the NFL.

Doom produces double digit sacks while largely being used as a decoy for Miller. How many guys out there do you think can do that?
But it appears you have tunnel vision here. Yes, Freeney is a downgrade from Doom. Clearly. But with the savings (which are large) the Broncos can also address other needs. Again, right or wrong, the Broncos don't value Doom's production at $12 million. And they feel they can get more overall value for the team at that number. That overall value isn't limited to one position or player.

And yes, there is a "roster limit". But there is also a "spending limit". It's called both a salary cap and a cash budget.
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