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Originally Posted by SoCalBronco View Post
There is no need for Revis. Haven't we learned by now that you build the pass defense from the inside out? We can have 50 corners.....they won't hold up everytime for 5 seconds if there is no rush. We finally saw how the pass rush magically made everything better and now were going back to the old recipe which is not good. Denver has a veteran who had one awful game and two really nice youngsters at corner. We're fine. If you want to add another in the draft somewhere fine....but Revis creates over saturation of financial assets in one position...never a good thing when you have a finite cap...and a self imposed budget on top of it. Keep's only one year where the hit is rough it goes down next year. They've been cheap asses for the vast majority of this century. I'm tired of it.
I agree there's no need for revis, but if they took Doom's money, signed a guy they feel could somewhat replicate his performance, while adding a couple of other pieces they wouldnt have normally afforded, im ok with it.

All that said, I'd still rather keep him.

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