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Originally Posted by SportinOne View Post
I can see being concerned with that kind of cap hit. Von Miller and Von Miller alone should command that type of money. With that said, if you are one of the people claiming that Dumervil is expendable, and that he didn't make a significant contribution, many times VITAL, to this team's defensive success, you're an idiot.

I agree that he is overpaid, but who cares? who on earth will they replace him with that won't result in a significant drop off in pressure on the QB? Sacking the QB and getting pressure isn't a one on one situation. This is pretty obvious. You take out a guy like Doom and the rest of the defensive line is going to struggle.

Is that really worth a few million dollars in savings? We have PFM, we should be spending as much as it takes to make this as successful of a team as we possibly can.
Don't you see? With that 8 million cap savings, we're going to get Revis, Freeney, Steven Jackson, Reggie Bush, and Ed Reed!@!!!!!111
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