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VP John Elway

Originally Posted by crush17 View Post
Biggest play?
That's easy

When he LIT UP Roy Williams over the middle in 2009 vs. the Cowboys.
The three that come to mind:

1) The Williams hit
2) vs. Saints in 2009, blew up Pierre Thomas on 4th down (I think). If he misses that, Thomas goes for a game-winning TD.
3) Can't remember the particulars but he was spying Michael Vick in 2004. Vick tried to get the corner on him and DJ just exploded into him.

Overall I liked DJ but this move is a no-brainer. He was a beloved teammate in the locker room and never publicly b****ed about being moved around annually to my knowledge. He obviously had his issues but from '04-'12 I'd say the good outweighed the bad.

Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
I am happy that Joe got some money. He is a real nice guy and has a family. But we can cut him now and he can get out of the NFL and go back to NDSU and become a Defensive Assistant or LB coach. GO JOE
Joe still has value around the league as a good special teams player and a stop-gap starter as a SILB in the 3-4, IMO.
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