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I'm sure he's capable of getting 11 sacks...but just as some say Von's totals will suffer without Doom, how many of Doom's 11 sacks were due to teams more concerned with Von?

The issue the Broncos probably have is that they signed him to a lot of $$$ to get 17 sacks a year (or close to it)...the total that netted him that huge contract and he has come nowhere near that total since.
I personally don't think Doom or Miller need each other all that much to be honest. Dumervil was getting sacks for us for years with no one on the other side, and Miller was racking them up back when Doom was injured. Both will be productive regardless. The problem for me is that I just don't see us getting better through all of this. 8 million dollars isn't all that much when you are trying to improve a team that no longer has its second best pass rusher.
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