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Originally Posted by Ray Finkle View Post
That is crap about JI and Nash, never did they play as lazy as Fovie. If they did, thy would have been benched. Would Hitchcock or Sutter allow that?
I watch a lot of games and I have seen them loaf just as much as Ovechkin. Can you blame them when they play on ****ty teams? The NHL is very taxing on the body and a lot of guys give up when the squad is not there.

Like I said, I am not trying to convince you. In fact, Ovechkin has his faults and he needs to step the **** up. My point was merely is that from all my viewing and just playing the sport a lot over the years, JI and Nash float just as much as Ovie when **** goes wrong. At least that's what my eyes see.

And to your point, DH did bench a loafing ovechkin last season. Too bad Ted was not having any of it.
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