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Princes of Tara

Originally Posted by Play2win View Post
And if we sign Steven Jackson later this week… can I say "full circle"?
Yes, yes you can. The universe tends to balance itself out.

On a side note, our longest tenured Bronco (I believe) is gone. DJ was a solid player, but never lived up to the true potential he had. I wish him the best.

Spotrac is saying that his dead money is only 250,000 and Hanie's 125,000.

So we either are saving 5 million to 6 million or so with these moves.

Edit: They now have the updated numbers. So we save about 5 million from each. Dishing Dumervil and Mays will get us to 23 million in space. How about we cut Caldwell and save another 825,000 and plus another few garbage can turd suckers as well.

I want to go nuts in FA.

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