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Originally Posted by bigbucks24 View Post
As a Miami fan who watches just about every game, I beg to differ. Reggie is a great guy. He's a hard worker, leader on the team and a great teammate. And it was great seeing him break one off and go to the house. It was also maddening to see him dance behind the line and lose 2 yards quite often, putting yourself in 2nd and 12. I think he would be good for Denver, but you will get frustrated in him putting you in tough situations with his dancing. I would have been ok with Miami keeping him, but would rather see what Lamar Miller and Danial Thomas can do. There will be fewer home runs, but fewer strike outs, too.
Yep, I think the Dolphins are going in the right direction with Miller. They really need to get another back as I wouldn't settle with Thomas.
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